Rachel Lessard

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Holy City Arts and Lyric Opera’s Social Distance-SING!s. As we waited for the performance to begin, adults chatted from a distance, while their children nearby were wholly focused on their play. At once, the singing began, and the children stopped in their tracks. Bodies stood focused and mesmerized with the beauty of what we were hearing, some for the first time. What struck us all was that in the midst of our neighborhood, there was something both powerful and familiar in this music. Grandparents stepped out of their homes to take it all in, and children found a new way to connect with others around them, asking questions and learning about opera. We all felt connected to the amazing talent pouring out of Leah and Dimitri, who engaged even the smallest children in conversation afterward. Holy City Arts and Lyric Opera is truly a multi-generational gift to the Lowcountry!


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